Logo Design

Logo Design

Logo Design is a long process, with a lot of thought and effort put into the design, layout and executions. There are a lot of sites out there, that promise a Logo design in 24 hours, or Do It Yourself logo creation. Don't fall for their quick money making scheme tactics. You have put the effort and thought into your company - now you need a whole branding solution. That is why we are here.

Components of a well designed logo

Since we all know that ink and printing is expensive, first thing is that your logo should be designed so it can be printed in color as well as in black and white, with no brand loss. Second major component is that our logo designs will be suitable for business cards and letter heads as well as on posters and banners at your show. To be able to just re-size it for the different needs you may encounter is a major factor.

Third component is that it needs to be kept pretty simple, yet mean something to people when they see it - even out of context. A logo design should not be over drawn and not contain elements that will not re-size well, or get blurry when down sized to a business card.

We have seen horrible examples of web sites that offer cheap symbols, adding of a text and you have to pay for it? Most people with some computer knowledge can do a better job themselves! With us, we make the right choices with you for maximum effect in the competitive market out there.

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