Print Design

Print Design

Ever since Gutenberg invented the movable type around 1450, it has had an enormous impact on life as we know it. Internet and all it's technologies held high - there is a certain feeling about a quality printed masterpiece. It's tangible in a whole another way from web design. Print has been around for 500 years and will be around for a long time still!

What Print Design is available from us?

We specialize in branding - so if you have had our logo design or your website design made by us, we can continue into your other marketing efforts seamlessy - providing you with business cards design, letter head, brochures and flyers, post cards, coupons, news letters, the list goes on and on.

We take the process from start to finish and you'll get high quality, functional design, the rights to any stock photography used and full copyright ownership. As an extra perk, we will produce a PDF file for online posting / advertising, and provide you with a mini CD with all of your files on it for future use.

When we are done and you want us to handle the rest as well, we will select the printer of your needs and budget, and take care of all interaction between the printer and us, in case some difficulty with the design should arise. We can also deal directly with the magazine / newspaper you want to advertise with and we will handle everything from file formats, colors and resolution needed to make the most out of your marketing budget.

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