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Internet Marketing and SEO

Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization are two key components if you have a web site for your business selling products and / or services. Vikberg.Net has many packages available, one sure to fit your wallet, and get you maximum ROI on your investment. Internet Marketing and online advertising may just be the most important one of all your company's marketing strategy

Why Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is to build or re-organize an existing web page so that it will be found, indexed and properly displaying its content, to be pleasing for the human reader as well as the blind search engine spiders.

Without being found in today's search engines, your Internet audience and potential customers will never know that you are out there, no matter quality or price on your products. How search engines and exactly what criteria will score the highest in search engine rankings is only known to a handful of people running them, and it's seldom or never leaked. Search Engine Spiders are constantly evolving into new forms. Vikberg.Net has the knowledge and skill to quickly change things as we see the searchengines are changing their way of rankings, making sure that you will always have the best possible structure and content on your pages.

We have been approached with clients that has been abused in the search engines by shady 'search engine professionals' that has done one or more of the following:

  • cloaking and false redirects;
  • hidden text or hidden links;
  • keyword stuffing;
  • duplicated content on multiple pages;
  • automatically generated doorway pages;
  • submitted pages to linkfarms

These methods can for a moment bring in a lot of traffic, and the log files can show an increased amount of traffic to the site. But is it quality leads? Were people really looking for your type of products / services? In most cases websites using these techniques are removed by the searchengine operators and will have to start over again, costing your company thousands of dollars that went down the drain.

Why not have us do it the right way from the start - may (it will) take us longer to show results, but when they start to come in, they will stay that way, growing your business more then you thought possible

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